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Processing 效果器

Eventide Eclipse V4 Multi-Effects Processor

Bricasti M7 systems

Dynamics 動態處理

AMS-Neve 33609 JD / Empirical Labs EL8-S Distressor / Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A / Shadow Hills Industries Mono Optograph Tube-Tech CL 1B / Manley Stereo Variable MU

Equalizers 均衡器

API 550A / API 560 / API 5500 / Avalon AD2055 / GML 8200

Daws 數位音樂工作站

Pro Tools HDX with Version 11 Software

Pro Tools Ultimate

Logic X

Plugins 軟體效果器

Antarestech Auto-Tune 8 / MCDSP Emerald Pack HD v6 / Waves Platinum / Serato pitch and time / UAD 2 Satellite Thunderbolt / Massey L2007 / Massey DRT / izotope Ozone 6

ADDA 類比數位轉換器

Prismsound ADA-8XR 8

Antelope Orion 32

SSL Deta-Link HD

Synchronizers 同步處理

Antelope Audio 10M

Antelope Audio Trinity

Consol 混音座

SSL Duality SE48


Instruments 樂器

Nord stage 2

DW collector series


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